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We are specialized in the process of sales and distribution of dynamic solutions of Oil & Gas, cement power plant, petrochemical and steel with efficient delivery schedules and competitive prices.

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At Industrial Energy, we are inspired to thrive and provide our best services to our clients. Having commercial agility and high engineering standards mean achieving high levels of customer satisfaction and reliability. We are disciplined to bring enthusiasm along with expertise in delivering our work and services.


As IE, we are progressive in peculiar industries, most of which are petrochemical, oil, gas, and power. The mentioned industries, as known by all, are highly important and prevail every other industry in the Iraqi region. We aspire to maintain the best service to our customer; such as procurement, training, engineering, renting and repairing from acclaimed worldwide manufacturers like Fuji Electric, Fluke, Leutert, LEE Specialties, Swagelok, Sick Sensor Intelligence, DataCan, Emerson, Fisher, Siemens, Foxboro, ASCO, MOOG, and ABB.

IE represents the global acknowledged manufacturers of downhole and surface tools and precision instruments. IE having expertise in the field of oil and gas industries, we also furnish high quality instruments and tool for oil and gas fields at rational prices.

  • Slick line tools
  • Wire line Trucks and Skids
  • Acquisition Systems & Software
  • Production Logging Tools
  • Pressure control Equipment
  • Piezo & Quartz Memory Gauges
  • Drilling Tools
  • Surface logging Systems
  • Piezo & Quartz Memory Gauges
  • Drilling Tools

Our extensive variety of services maintains effective, innovative, strategic, and cost efficient solutions to our customers' technical and management demands. We incorporate expertise, technology, and committed synergy to gratify our clients' demands. We grant our clients with a support package that helps our customers put their base competences to attention, empowering them to maximize their efficiency. We can always assist our clients in sourcing the demanded items with the shortest delivery period and at preferred prices. IE is committed to delivering and sourcing items at the best competing prices with the shortest possible delivery to assure your repeated business.

An advanced electric utility is a smart utility. Master advancing difficulties and satisfy your needs, for now and the future, with our inventive solutions for utilities. Encounter the difficulties of the energy industry by the hand of our specialists. Not only do we request response and microgrids let buyers effectively take part in energy markets, yet utilities require smart grid solutions that interconnect all market players to adjust and administer a network's supply and demand intricacy. Allow us to assist you with this transformation.

Industrial Energy Co, works with some of the nation's most recognizable and trusted manufacturers of cement and concrete to provide you with the right product for your job. Our expert sales team will work with you to ensure you get the right product at the most competitive price to fit your budge.


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